March 11, 2010

kubuntu kde globe wallpaper


While I was cleaning up the desktop of my laptop, I noticed (toying with the screensaver) that under wallpapers the option 'globe' had appeared.


After enabling it, I noticed that some Google Earth View like kind of map had appeared as my desktop wallpaper. Not just an image, but a 'live' view (or simulated live view) of the planet. Cool.

So now, while I'm hacking my way through the night, I can actually follow where on the planet it is night, and where it is daytime. Maybe this will help me to get back to a normal day rhythm?

Anyway, it is tremendously pleasant to stumble upon such nice features in kde. I know it's eye candy. But it's very well done, for free and 'just there', without need for installing. I'm not entirely sure how easy a Windows 7 user can get something similar. But then again, I haven't touched Windows for some time :-)