May 25, 2010

my Dantesque travel through Roma Termini Metro Hell

Due to works on the Termini metro station travellers are required to confront a great deal of stairs (at least 300 to my count of which none automatic) to reach the A line. Since there are only 2 (!!) metrolines, A and B, in Rome, a quick calculation learns me that 50% of Rome's metro has become hostile territory for the physically disabled, elderly, mothers with children, etc.

For the young, healthy, fitness center inscribed among us it means a lot of sweat and curse, that is if you are not used to a 30 degree celsius, damp, poorly ventilated and overcrowded metro. And to my knowledge only Romans fall into the category of people who actually are used to this kind of torture.

Obviously your investment in public transport is naturally prolongued by the general popularity (read lack of affordable alternatives) of this very Italian contemporary adaptation of Dante's Inferno. There are at least 3 or 4 circles of damned to pass before your gentle guide allows you to enter the vehicle.

With the summer coming and temperatures rising the experience will become all the more dazzling.
I cannot wait to suck up more Roman culture. Stay tuned for more ... unless some one pushes me on the rails in the next few minutes.

Nel mezzo del cammin verso lavoro
mi ritrovai in una metropolitina scura