May 11, 2010

The pen - the ultimate report designer

What we IT guys with all our fancy tools and software tend to forget, is that sometimes the pen is mightier than the laptop. When you are meeting with a customer and trying to capture those requirements for a report or dashboard he wants to see, the very best tool to work with remains the pen.

Of course, back in the time when I used to posses a nice Fujitsu tablet PC, most customers were extremely impressed when I was just drawing/drafting their dashboard on my tablet, hooked up to the beamer.

But as I moved over to linux some years ago, I've left tablet experiences for what they are, back to paper and pencil. And believe me, it works just as well.

So do yourself a favour. If you have need to an analysis to design some reports and dashboards for your customers, go out and make that investment in pencils.