October 12, 2010

PCG10 in figures

PCG10, the Pentaho Community Meeting 2010 in Lisbon is over (safe to say after over 2 weeks), and attention on the live blog is slowly dying. So I thought, full attention on KFF now.

But Paul Stoellberger twittered the following statistics yesterday:
which made me think of looking up some of the Google Analytics statistics to share. After all, we are into business intelligence, aren't we?

So what has been the interest in the PCG10 presentations I added to the live blog post?

Here's the general statistics for the first 2 weeks:

Obviously the first days was highest, dropping after the 5th day. However, even though we had only 15 page views or so per day after that initial period, people still spend some time reading the pages. I'm curious how long that attention will last.

So where are the visitors from. Well, mainly it would seem that the Pentaho Community Event is a American-European party. Attention from other continents is extremely limited.

Top 20 countries (out of 37) are listed below. I was mostly amazed by Brazil. I would have expected more attention from that country, given the push to organize PCG next year :-)  And I was pleasanty surprised to see that adding the Dutch and Belgian contribution together (no contributions from Luxemburg) would put the Benelux in third position. Small countries, ahoi!

And further, well, no more comments, let the figures speak for themselves I would say !