September 20, 2011

Once twitten, twice shy

In the preparation for the Pentaho Community Meeting 2011 in Frascati, I suddenly recalled some events that occurred during the voting for the location.

One week before the closing of the votes, @magicaltrout fueled the discussion.

Luckily Twitter allowed me to go back in time to dig up some tweets from prominent members of the Pentaho Community. There seems to be a clear indication that members have been trying to "buy votes" in order to influence the location of the event. Below tweets clearly illustrate this.

Now, I don't believe there is any rule against such bribery as long as the bribes are being paid.

So, if I've been reading right, we should figure out when the community can cash in on the following:

  • beers from @josvandongen
  • wine from @mattcasters
  • grappa from @rolandbouwman
  • home brew liquor from @jan_aertsen
Being on the list, I suggest I'll bring my bottles on friday evening. I guess the Community will figure out a right place and time to consume! 

As for the others: your words have not been forgotten. Watch out what you tweet next time.