February 10, 2006

Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart

Woke up early today and started my laptop. The laptop clearly had other intentions. Disk failure. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart. Disk failure. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart.

Now this laptop isn't really my laptop. It is the laptop of one of the customers I sell Business Intelligence (BI) services to. Luckily they have a great support division (better than the Dell laptops they use). They give you new hardware right way, installed with exactly the same software, all your settings copied to the new system.

About personal back-ups: On big company laptops, also that is handled pretty efficient as well. Automatic, userfriendly. But if you are travelling a lot, data just sits on your hard disk. So yes, I lost quite some work, especially all my work from wednesday evening (or should I say night, since working until 3h30 in the morning doesn't classify as evening work) in Lyon.

Anyhow, while waiting for this new laptop to install itself, I had a few options to (not) waste my time. Do some phone calls and continue to work as if nothing happened. Or try to cheer myself up by doing something new. So I do what the laptop recommended. This is my Ctrl-Alt-Del. Start a blog to forget this incident, catch up the lost work during the weekend, and we'll see what and if I'll ever write something again on this forum.