Marketplace on 7

I installed our latest software release, Pentaho 7.0, a couple of weeks back. Having been an active Pentaho Community User, the first thing I wanted to do is install the market place, to test out all the cool existing gadgets, including the new toys that were touted at #PCM16 and the recently promoted MQQTT steps.

For some awkward reason, the Pentaho EE server, still does not come with the Pentaho Marketplace standard enabled. It is not in the standard menu!

While I was getting ready to go through the old manual download in order to put the plugin into the right folder, I dawned to me that the procedure to get marketplace onto your EE install had been made a lot easier.  And indeed, when navigating to the Marketplace website, it wasn't hard to spot find the "Find Marketplace" instructions.

Once instructions found, I did notice that for some reason, Pentaho has still opted to hide enabling of the Marketplace in an obscure config file. Not the level of user friendliness I would have hoped, but better than pre-6.

A quick "./ restart" later, the Marketplace was available on my box

Easy enough.