A couple of weeks back, I had the pleasure and honour to visit the Pentaho Community Meeting in Bologna with over 250 participants from 25 countries. Notwithstanding (or maybe because) I recently, gave up my job as Professional Services Director for EMEA/APAC at Pentaho for a (very similar) role at Neo4j, I attended. And as every year, it was great fun, and good to catch up with so many friends, colleagues and business partners.

The weekend in Bologna made me remember many great moments with the wider Pentaho community like: having the pleasure of reviewing beta version of kettle (even some pre-Pentaho versions), starting the first live Pentaho community event blog at PCG10, organising the Pentaho Community Meeting 2011 in Italy and attending many more events in the years after, launching the KFF project, my first months at Pentaho in 2011, speaking at various Pentaho events, numerous trips across Europe, the US and Asia, and during all that, building for Pentaho a services business of 14mio$ in EMEA, keeping over 50 people busy.

All of this has been an amazing ride, but clearly it was only fun because of all the great people that took that ride with me. I want to thank everybody that I came across in the last 12 years of working with Pentaho tech. I would not have been successful without the collaboration and support of so many people. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to work with so many bright, creative, energetic and fun people.

Luckily, and as I already expressed at PCM18 to many (and during my talk), I am sure that our ways will not part. I firmly believe that in Neo4j projects, there will be a need for data integration specialist. So see you all at PCM19.