September 21, 2010

KFF - (slowly) coming out of the kitchen closet

Last week we release a new version of kff-plugins.jar. This contains the following plug-ins:

In short:

  • Data grid: a plug-in that allows you to enter data in an spreadsheet like grid which you then can use in your transformations. Very handy for ETL configuration data which you would have to put in a table or csv otherwise. See this blogpost for more info.
  • Date/time calculator: It assembles a date/time field based on 7 input fields being: century, year, month, date, hour, minutes, seconds. Very useful when reading in AS400 tables created in the context of RPG programming. More information here.  The Season ID calculator does something similar.
  • Rejects:  A generic component for error handling. It will converge all error records into one common format so all your rejects fit in one and the same output file or table. We'll elaborate on this one soon in an extra blogpost. Documentation will be added to the KFF pages.
  • Table compare: This thing does what it says. It compares the data from two tables with the same lay-out. It'll find differences between the data in the two tables and log it. Very handy for acceptance tests. Again, this deserves a separate blog post. Probably we'll make a project template for this one too.
  • Trim strings: Allows you to trim strings, all fields at once, or a field list at your choosing. A bit more complex and versatile than the standard trim functionality in kettle.
  • kJube decoder: A piece of machinery that needs 20 pages to describe. Until we get to that, I won't try here.
We hope to get documentation online an we'll provide some blog posts to draw your attention to the new functionalities.

Enjoy !