September 29, 2010

PCG10 participants

Three days after the event, some mails are going around, trying to reconstruct the "who was who". Indeed the Pentaho Community Event is growing, and I believe many discovered only when seeing the group picture that they didn't get round to meet quite a few of the participants.

I discovered too that I missed to opportunity to get to know some people. So based on the mails that have been circulating and a 'tagged' group picture (thank you Jens Bleuel) I'm trying to put together the PCG10 Participant list.

It is work in progress, so please people, help me sticking the right name to the right person. Also, should any one rather remain anonymous, drop me a mail, I'll rename you to Mr X(action).

Nbr Name (First name - Last name) Twitter from
1 Roland Bouman @rolandbouman .nl
2 Matt Casters @mattcasters .be
3 Håkon Torjus Bommen .no
4 Marco Gomes .pt
5 Jos van Dongen aka Grumpy @josvandongen .nl
6 Carlos Amorim .es
7 Jens Bleuel .de
8 Pedro Alves @pmalves .pt
9 Nikolai Sandved @NikolaiSandved .no
10 Gunter Rombauts .be
11 Jochen Olejnik .de
12 Tom Barber @magicaltrout .uk
13 Nuno Brites .pt
14 David Duque .pt
15 Slawomir Chodnicki @slawo_ch .de
16 Pedro Pinheiro .pt
17 Nelson Sousa .pt
18 Nuno Severo .pt
19 Paula Clemente .pt
20 Pedro Martins .pt
21 Samatar Hassan .fr
22 André Simões @ITXpander .pt
23 Rui Gonçalves .es
24 Dan Keeley @codek1 .uk
25 Anthony Carter .ir
26 Julian Hyde @julianhyde .us
27 Rob van Winden .nl
28 Pompei Popescu .ro
29 Jan Aertsen @jan_aertsen .be
30 Ingo Klose @i_klose .de
31 Sergio Ramazzina @serasoftitaly .it
32 Martin Stangeland .no
33 Dragos Matea .ro
34 Juan José Ortilles .es
35 Paul Stoellberger @pstoellberger .at
36 Doug Moran aka Caveman @doug_moran .us
37 Thomas Morgner .us
38 Kees Romijn .nl
39 Aaron Phillips @phytodata .us

... and the following are people that were present, but somehow dropped out of the group picture. Maybe they were on the beach?

Picture Name (First name - Last name) Twitter from
Nuno Moreira @webdetails .pt
Bart Maertens @bartmaer .be
Juliana Alves .pt